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Gujarat: Nanavati Commission submitted its first report on 2002 riots in state

Mr Iyer said the Commission is very well aware of the fact that the Supreme Court ordered re-investigation of all those riot cases, including the Godhra riot by SIT, after it found the earlier reports defective. It also knows that SIT has carried out re-investigation and has been granted extension of time, he said. He said the case put forward by the State Government before Nanavati Commission is based on the investigation carried out by the Investigating Officer Nel Parmar, which was rejected by the Supreme Court. Mr Iyer said the Commission is also aware of the fact that the petition challenging Banerjee Commission’s report is pending before High Court, wherein the Nanavati Commission and the state government is also a party respondent. The outcome of the petition should have been awaited since the common people have the right and also have an opportunity to know the contents of the Banerjee Commission’s report. It is also pertinent to point out that the Nanavati Commission has summoned and received many of the documents, which have been relied upon by the Banerjee Commission, he said.The commission submitted the report to the state government.On March 6, 2002, the state government had appointed one-man committee of Retired Justice K G Shah to probe Sabarmati Express train carnage, in which 59 Karsevaks, who were returning from Ayodhya, were burnt alive engulfing the entire state in communal riots for three months.Later on March 21, the Government expanded the commission with appointment of Retired Supreme court Justice G T Nanavati as its head and Justice Shah as its member. The Government also expanded purview of the Commission from just probing the Sabarmati Express carnage to the subsequent communal riots.Justice Shah died during the course of the probe and then Gujarat High Court retired Justice Akshay kumar Mehta was appointed in the commission on April 6, 2008.The Nanavati commission, during its six-year probe, examined more than 40,000 applications and testimonies of more than 1,000 witnesses, who expressed their readiness to appear before it.UNI

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